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Our day starts at 2 A.M., with the arrival of the goods and their proper placing. Everything is ready for price negotiation, depending on the market trend, by small companies the fruit and vegetable sector, large-scale retailers and exporters. Our vendors thanks to the instruction of the producer, do their utmost to enhance the goods and promote commercial exchanges.


There are many companies that, being unable to go to Ortomercato-the fruit market-rely on us by agreeing in advance price, quality and quantity of the goods which we deliver at their warehouse.

Import / Export

Important partnerships with producers and retailers in several countries worldwide allow us to replace the lack of national products on the market thus to meet our customers’ needs by importing all types of guaranteed and certified products. We promote original Made in Italy, Italian spirit and top quality products, wherever it is needed. We are well established in the UK market, thanks to Ortofrutticola Milanese LTD, our sister company.


The best catering companies in Milan and northern Italy rely on us daily: we carefully select the freshest products, that are packaged as soon as they are delivered by the producers. We deal only with the ordered goods that we deliver to restaurants, spas, bars, hotels, canteens, catering companies, etc. We do not store goods thus to guarantee the best freshness and integrity.


Ortofrutticola Milanese is a constantly growing project consisting in several companies, aimed at creating a direct supply chain, from production to the final consumer, whether it is a wholesaler business or a private customer, both in Italy and abroad.

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